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This was the first time and the LAST time I am using their service!!First off, I had ordered flowers to be delivered to my mom on 5/8/16 for Mother's Day, but it never came!

They even had the nerve to send me an email telling me that the flowers were "hand-delivered." After trying to call them to complain and being on hold for nearly half an hour, they finally said that they will re-deliver the flowers and that they will give me a partial refund. When the flowers finally arrived, the person who delivered it didn't even bother ringing the doorbell. They just left it on the porch and left, didn't knock, didn't say a word. What the *** is that??

Second of all, the flowers that came didn't even look remotely the same as the ones I ordered. NOT EVEN CLOSE!! I had ordered lilies, daisies, and roses placed in a yellow vase. None of the flowers I got had any of those kind!!

They didn't even get the vase correct! It looks like they just cut the flowers from a garden and shove a bunch of them in a cheap vase. It looks so UGLY and CHEAP!! I am completely LIVID with the type of customer service and quality that Teleflora provides.

This is unacceptable!! When I tried calling them back the 2nd time to get a full refund, I was again placed on hold for almost an hour. The dude on the phone said that he will give me a full refund, but they're going to have to call the flower shop to come back to pick up the flowers. Like really??

You f'n screwed up!! How messed up is it to deliver flowers to someone for Mother's Day and then go and take it back from them. They have one *** job, and they can't even do it right. At this point, I just want my money back.

The flowers were HIDEOUS anyways so I'm more than happy that they take that piece of *** back. So much for a Mother's Day surprise!! My poor mommy was waiting all day for them. Teleflora ought to be ashamed of themselves for ripping consumers off!!


Please AVOID at all cost!!They ought to be shut down or get sued!!

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I just had the same EXACT thing done to me. How do I post a pic?

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