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I ordered flowers (admittedly late) on Friday night for Mother's Day. I get an email on Sunday that they were unable to deliver due to excessive orders. OK, I understand, so please deliver on Monday, May 12th.

Monday comes.... no flowers delivered...

Tuesday flowers delivered....

Wednesday, call TELEFLORA, to find out at 1:30 pm, that the "floral arrangement was made and sitting on counter waiting for me to tell them what the card should read;..... uh, HELLO, how about what I said when I ORDERED THEM. There excuse for not delivering then? They were waiting to find out the card saying... Did they CALL me and ask me this (as if this WERE a legitimate excuse)? NO, I had to call them and find this out.... How was I to find out they had a question about the card? By telepathic message, by little green men that will be arriving from MARS?

OK, so they get the word that I want the card to read exactly as I had ORIGINALLY said in my order placed on Friday night. (Oh, and their policy is orders placed by 2 pm will be delivered that day, and this order was supposedly already made, they just were waiting for card info...). I was told that they would be sending an email that the flowers had been deliveredl

Wednesday, no email. No call.

Thursday, no email. No call. No word at all.

FRIDAY, MAY 15th I call Teleflora, trying to find out if the flowers had been delivered. They didn't KNOW! And the customer service rep SUPERVISOR told me that she would call me at 9 am Friday (same day as I was talking to her, just 1 hour later) when store opened so they could call them and ask them.

9:45 am, I call Teleflora back...AGAIN, for the eighth time since I had been trying to get these flowers delivered.

I find out that .......

They did not deliver them until THURSDAY, May 14th!!! (After holding, they told me this.)

Oh, and as of right now, I still never have heard back from the supervisor that I originally talked to today, Friday.

Order placed May 9th, (midnight admittedly), so they had the order on May 10th. It took them FIVE DAYS to get these flowers delivered. Five. They weren't delivered to a rural address, or a location difficult to find. And it wasn't a matter of not finding her at home, she is home ALL the time, she is 73. Now, this old lady thought we forgot her for Mother's Day. Yes, we sent a message that we had gotten her flowers and unfortunately the company messed up the order, but ....really. (We are military, "out of the area:")

And it wasn't to a town where there was only one Teleflora florist, there are 12.....I checked!

Finally after my complaints, they were 'nice' enough to offer me a 50% refund on the cost of the flowers.... not the cost of the order, but the cost of the flowers. That did not include the $12.99 delivery charge, nor the tax. So basically, they gave me about a 25 or 30% discount. Frankly, I am too mad to figure out the amount of the discount. But given the POOR customer service, I want a 100% refund OR another EXTRA arrangement sent to her, out of apology.

So..... the moral of this story.... DON'T send flowers thru TELEFLORA if you want them to get there in a timely manner.... because they WON'T. And when they don't , expect sucky customer service.

There are wayyyy too many floral arrangement delivery services to waste your time on Teleflora.!! Go with somebody else~

Review about: Teleflora Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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cecilia, how is it *obvious* that this consumer was late and put something *** (WHAT DOES THE EVEN MEAN?) or weird on the card? Do you have a crystal ball?

Why are you automatically blaming the consumer here? No company is perfect 100% of the time. I had a crappy Teleflora experience too, so I am more inclined to believe this consumer without proof otherwise. pwnd, I don't know if you can understand the concept, but Teleflora will only accept orders for deliveries by a certain date if they know they can make it by then.

What, did you think I can just go in and put an order in right now to be delivered 2 hours later? No, their ordering system will tell me today is locked out.

Get a clue & stop blaming the consumer. Many mad consumers have very legitimate gripes.


i agree with pwnd. not only were you late, but you obviously put something *** or weird on the card and they didnt want to send it with your typos/ignorant ranting.


Uh, You ordered them late. What do you expect? You would have been better off looking up a local shop near wherever and having them deliver.

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