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Dear pissed consumer, I'm sorry for your bad experience on valentine's day. the problem really is not the Teleflora company, they just gather orders that people place on line.

your order is transfer to a member flower shop in the area were the order is been delivered, obviously Teleflora take's a percentage, some times the flower shops book to many deliveries and they can't finish all of them, other times since the majority of people do not order from flower shops and prefer to use Teleflora or any other company on line, they gather so many orders they don't have enough flower shops to send the orders to.

About flower and look of the arrangement is responsibility of the flower shop that took care of your delivery. Next time you order flowers for someone, you need to do it with the flower shop close to were the order is going to, that way you save money, time, and hopefully you don't have to be pissed when your original idea is to do something nice I'm the owner of a flower shop and I can tell you, when an order goes wrong everyone involved in taking care of the order losses time, money , effort, and everyone feels the same way you feel .again sorry about your experience.

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