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Side by Side what I ordered is the 1st pic, what I received is 2nd pic and customer service replied I got what I ordered and informed me no roses are included in their web photo and went on to say that it comes with carnations. Um hello, roses are in fact in photo 1 and I got NO FLOWERS included in what was received in photo 2.

I was very surprised by their oh well you get what you get attitude in their reply to my direct cust complaint. I will NEVER EVER use teleflora again based on their customer service alone not to mention the cheezy arrangement that was sent.

They do not stand behind what they advertise. Bait and Switch is what it is.

Tammy B

This reviewer shared experience about "not as described and poor cust service. " and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any) as the author lost $55. The author is overall dissatisfied with Teleflora and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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You really need to READ when you are ordering. They post one picture and offer you 3 different sizes or combo.

SO what you ordered (the lowest one I'm sure) probably came with NO flowers and only the greens, ribbon, pine cones and the Christmas balls. In my option, the one you received looks nice; however, they could have did the ribbon the same way in the picture. If you also read the fine print... it also says that is designed by a local florist.

So not every persons work will look the same. Therefore, what is pictured has be doctored to look the best to get you to buy it. YOU should have just called your LOCAL florist and ordered what you wanted and I am sure you would have received what you wanted. Keep in mind Teleflora is just a big company not a florist...

so you get what you get when you buy something like that. ORDER from your local florist next time!!!

to Anonymous #1083200

Your very quick to judge and give ridiculous advice when you have no idea what I did prior to this post to try and resolve this issue. It does in fact come with flowers as they sent me the menu for the arrangement telling me exactly what should have been in the order ....and yes the order based on the one I picked and paid for.

Its a shame when people cannot even read well enough to follow a flower menu, one of these two of those... seriously.. you obviously have more time than most people and thats wonderful for you however that is not an option for me currently. So you should maybe think before you make assumptions that are in accurate.

If I had time to deal with my local florist, don't you think I would have preferred that option? My mother recently passed and I have handled it all as best I can with the the little time I have in my life and she left behind her 80 year old husband who I am now taking care of plus work a full time job needless to say I am left with NO time to go to the local florist. Bottom line... I clearly did not get what I ordered and they actually finally confirmed that to be true.

It was suppose to come with flowers and did not as a matter of fact it was missing several things from the menu they sent me that arrangement was suppose to be composed of. I think I can tell the diff and also know that there are diff prices based on standard or deluxe. I am not new to ordering flowers. If they are using crappy local florist to represent their company than they need to hold someone accountable and make sure they hire people that can read orders and take pride in their work.

If you cannot understand that, my guess is that you probably work for one of those local florist that fill these orders in the same sort of careless manor.

What a shame!


I too have gone through the same ugly flower delivery. I received "I'm sorry, 20% back in credit to my Paypal and $10 off for life. I can tell you I'm not going to buy flowers online ever.

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