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I ordered flowers for my elderly, wheel-chair bound father who suffers from dementia. They were never deliverd.

Teleflora lied and sent a delivery confirmation. The front door staff, the security cameras in the building, my father's aide and my two brothers who were present confirmed they were never delivered. A CS rep named "Barbara" told me point blank that she spoke with my father twice and that he confirmed they had arrived. My father is mentally incapacitated.

His aide confirmed again the flowers had not arrived at all.

CS is giving me the run around, claims I cancelled the flowers (I did not), still claims they were delivered (they were not, and the security tape proves this), and also claims to have had lucid conversations with my father (this is bordering on elder abuse if true). I want a full refund and a letter of apology from their CEO acknowledging they failed to deliver and that no one from Teleflora should have called and harassed an elderly person suffering from dementia.

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